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MNCMedia Nusantara Citra (Indonesian media company)
MNCMultinational Corporation
MNCMultinational Company
MNCMobile Network Code
MNCCompiled Menu
MNCMobile Network Computing
MNCMonocyte (Immunology)
MNCMetis National Council
MNCMidnight Club (game)
MNCMouvement National Congolais
MNCMedical Necessity Criteria (healthcare)
MNCMaternal and Neonatal Care (various locations)
MNCMythical National Championship
MNCMethodist New Connexion (est. 1797)
MNCMicroprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference
MNCMetropolitan News Company (Los Angeles, California)
MNCMajor Non Conformity (shipping)
MNCMother Nature Calls
MNCMesa Nacional Campesina (Spanish)
MNCMinnesota News Council
MNCModernising Nursing Careers (initiative; UK)
MNCMonday Night Crew (gaming clan)
MNCMinor Collector (State highway information)
MNCChief Mineman (Naval Rating)
MNCMasonry Non-Combustible (building construction)
MNCMedium Neutral Citation (Australia)
MNCMajor NATO Command/er
MNCMissouri Nursing Coalition
MNCSenior Chief Mineman (Naval Rating)
MNCModified Numerical Control (engineering)
MNCMemoryless Noisy Channel
MNCMultiuser Nyquist Criterion
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Songs in a Minor Collector's Edition - Alicia Keys IT HAS been ten years since Alicia Keys introduced the world to her powerful voice and piano skills with her five-time Grammywinning debut, Songs In A Minor.
The contractor shall perform all field work on residential and minor collector streets between 7:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.
Higher functional classes were given greater point values (local roads, value of 0; minor collector, value of 25; major collector, value of 60; minor arterial, value of 80; major arterial, value of 100).
Tenders are invited for Minor Collector roadway, a total distance of approximately 0.65 miles.The work includes roadway widening and pavement overlay; curb and gutter construction; drainage improvements; sidewalk construction along the south edge of the roadway; and all associated grading and appurtenances
Carroll Mill Road is classified as a minor collector road in the Plan Howard 2030.
Pindell School Road is classified as a minor collector in the Plan Howard 2030.
The project will construct a new, modified minor collector roadway and the replacement of an existing traffic signal at the Hayden/Northsight intersection with a two-lane roundabout.
6.1 Km of Major Collector, 2.9 Km of Minor Collector and 24.1 Km of Access Roads), as well as Roundabouts and Parking Areas.
Route 680 is a rural minor collector in Isle of Wight County.
The Project is being designed as a paved Rural Minor Collector, with improve substandard roadway geometry for safety and accessibility.
It was formed after people who lived along Fargo and Bent Tree Drive complained people were driving too fast on those west-side streets, which are designated as minor collectors.
(2) Includes all other highways except minor collectors and local roads and streets.