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Orbital mechanics expert Bill Gray realised that the spacecraft would effectively be lost, so he alerted observers pointing out the need for follow-up astrometry via a message on the Minor Planet Mailing List.
Unlikely to be artificial, its orbit doesn't resemble any useful spacecraft trajectory, and its encounter velocity with Earth is not unusually low," the Courier Mail quoted him as, posting to The Minor Planet Mailing List.
In a recent posting to the Minor Planet Mailing List (http://www.
10) Although this object was a possible contender for 2010 KQ, correspondence on the Yahoo groups Minor Planet Mailing List led to a note from Joshua Hopkins in which he pointed out that the extended mission testing actually reduced its velocity leaving it in a solidly Earth-bound orbit such that its orbit decayed, and that it reentered Earth's atmosphere in 1979, (11,12) thereby ruling out the TC2 rocket stage.