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m7Minor Seventh (music)
m7Major Seventh (music)
m7The Marvelous Seven
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Major and minor sevenths and seconds from the primary intervallic material in "fearlessandbosomy"' Both "dominic has" and "fearlessandbosomy" utilize traditional song forms.
As I hear it, the complete process involving the minor-major seventh as an agent in the destruction of functional tonality in Songs 12 and 15 (the minor seventh chord plays a parallel but less significant role) becomes clear once we have reached the end of Song 15.
Just before the final chord of line 4B, we find two instances of a C minor seventh chord, a different subset of Example 10's structure, at measure 28 fourth beat and measure 29 fourth beat.
Each of the phrases ends with a languorous fermata, clinging to the beautiful images, suspended over minor seventh and ninth chords.
5], a sudden leap of a minor seventh from the previous pitch.
In particular, a single basic hexachord (set-class [013569]) expressed as a major triad, minor seventh, minor ninth, and minor thirteenth above a fundamental pitch-class can be identified as the source for his various synthetic chords.
Knowing the intervals of a major seventh and a minor seventh, starting on any key, is also essential.
In a tonal work, tension and release is driven by traditional voice leading--dissonance is carefully resolved by step, minor sevenths resolve downward, leading tones resolve upward, and so on.
It uses a left-hand descending ostinato pattern of chromatic minor sevenths, against a right-hand melody with various touches and slurs.