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MIRAIMillennium Research for Advanced Information Technology (Japan)
MIRAIMultimedia Integrated Network by Radio Access Innovation
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The location of Minato Mirai will help encourage open innovation, and ultimately new business development, as Kyocera staff are able to collaborate and share information with people around the world.
"We are proud to support the objectives of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and contribute to the creation of a hydrogen-based society through the Toyota Mirai's role in this exciting project," commented Yugo Miyamoto, Chief Representative of Middle East and Central Asia Representative CAOffice, Toyota Motor Corporation.
It is expected that the fleet of Toyota Mirai vehicles will have a driving range of 500km with water as their only emission and the ability to be fueled in five minutes as opposed to an hour for traditional battery electric vehicles.
Mirai cars have a driving range of 500km with water as their sole emission, and the ability to be fueled as quickly as within five minutes, relative to the hour-long charge for tradition battery electric vehicles, Air Products said in a statement.
It is exactly from the continuous evolution of our hybrid systems that Mirai was born, our first zero-emission hydrogen-powered car produced in series.
The station will produce and distribute hydrogen sourced from renewable energy to supply the IOC's fleet of Toyota Mirai vehicles, as part of the organisation's efforts to reduce its carbon emissions.
Just as Yukko recalls the genial wolf-human hybrids of Hosoda's Wolf Children (2012), the appearance of Mirai (Haru Kuroki) as a young adult reminds us of the time-travelling hijinks of the director's defining feature, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006).
Mirai is a 100 per cent electric vehicle and creates electricity using hydrogen, oxygen (from the air) and a fuel cell.
'Mirai Creation Fund supports the development and expansion of AI-driven business by utilizing knowledge gained from past investments in many AI companies.
Air Products (NYSE: APD), an Industrial Gases company in operation for over 75 years, is to display its hydrogen fuel cell-powered Toyota Mirai at the America on Wheels museum on October 6, 2018.
Zamalek's most famous restaurants, Sequoia, Left Bank, and Mirai announced on Thursday that their restaurants will cease operating after receiving an evacuation order from the authorities who requested for their premises to be handed over to them.
As Toyota concentrates on improvements for the next generation of its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), expected in the early 2020s, it is hoping it can prove wrong rival carmakers and industry experts who have mostly dismissed such plans as commercially unviable.