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MIRIAMovement for the Independence, Renaissance and Integration of Africa (MALI)
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(*) Corresponding author, e-mail: miria.agro@yahoo.com.br
Correspondence should be addressed to Miria Boaretto Teixeira Fernandes; mi.boaretto@gmail.com
(52.) But see Miria Pigato & Wenxia Tang, China and Africa: Expanding Economic Ties in an Evolving Global Context 14, (World Bank, Working Paper No.
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"By exposing materials to space and returning the samples to Earth, we gain valuable data about how the materials hold up in the environment in which they will have to operate," said Miria Finckenor, the co-investigator on the MISSE experiment and principal investigator for METIS at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.
Renowned Ugandan women's rights activist and former minister in charge of ethics, Miria Matembe, nevertheless asserted that the girl should not have been jailed at all.
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