MISLSMilitary Intelligence Service Language School
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There was also no system to categorize troops in battalions or regiments but it was replaced by the Misl system to some extent.12
In 1792, 12 year old, Ranjit Singh became the head of one of the 'misls'.
The 'misl' chiefs were in favour of establishing a hierarchical order in which they alone emerged as rulers.
In the spring of 1942, the school became the MISLS and moved to Camp Savage, Minnesota.
The first official MISLS class began in Minnesota on 1 June 1942, with 200 students and eighteen instructors laboring in cabins formerly used as state homes for indigent elderly men.
The misls did not retain their democratic character for long.
It was after this year that Sikh misls gained a foothold in Lahore, a hold that eventually resulted in their virtual dominance of Punjab under the misldar (leader) of the Shukarchakia misl, Ranjit Singh, in 1799.
It was in this period that the Punjabi peasantry, more notably led by the militant Sikh 'misls', were rising against foreign invaders.
Troops from the Sikh misls take on Ahmed Shah Abdali's forces
Most of these families were of peasant origin and attained a prominent status by supporting and, in some cases joining winning misls. Their real fortunate moment came in 1857, when they joined and helped the British officers in the 'dark and thick clouds' of the 'Revolt of the Indian Army'.
The rise of the Punjabi peasantry, led by Sikh Misls, and the crushing of Mughal and Afghan marauders is the only way to study the rise of the Sikhs, all of whom were Punjabi Jat farmers facing virtual starvation by numerous high taxes by multiple exploiters.
But the highly mobile 12 'Misls' of the Sikhs managed to, within nine years, repel the invaders.