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In Miss Jemima's eyes an autograph letter of her sister, Miss Pinkerton, was an object of as deep veneration as would have been a letter from a sovereign.
In the present instance Miss Pinkerton's "billet" was to the following effect:--
Miss Squeers had been spending a few days with a neighbouring friend, and had only just returned to the parental roof.
At last they went up slowly, in the order, though not at all in the manner, of their flying descent; followed Miss Wilson into the class-room; and stood in a row before her, illumined through three western windows with a glow of ruddy orange light.
Why do I secretly give Miss Shepherd twelve Brazil nuts for a present, I wonder?
She and Miss Bartlett are full of the praises of your sermon."
The spot was at Chesea, for there Miss Sophia Wackles resided with her widowed mother and two sisters, in conjunction with whom she maintained a very small day-school for young ladies of proportionate dimensions; a circumstance which was made known to the neighbourhood by an oval board over the front first-floor windows, whereupon appeared in circumbmbient flourishes the words 'Ladies' Seminary'; and which was further published and proclaimed at intervals between the hours of half-past nine and ten in the morning, by a straggling and solitrary young lady of tender years standing on the scraper on the tips of her toes and making futile attempts to reach the knocker with spelling-book.
If Miss Cornelia had announced her intention of going out to the channel and drowning herself the thing might have been believable.
THIS is Miss Moppet jumping just too late; she misses the Mouse and hits her own head.
"My correspondent has just left Miss Ladd," the doctor answered.
"Give me a kiss, my dear--you don't know how wretched I have been since you left me." She looked back again at Miss Pink.
'But you know, Miss Potterson,' this was suggested very meekly though, 'if I behave myself, you can't help serving me, miss.'