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MAWPMaximum Allowable Working Pressure
MAWPMissed Approach Waypoint (aviation)
MAWPMinnesota Association of Women Police (est. 1955)
MAWPMaximum Average Working Pressure
MAWPMulti-Annual Work Programme (European Environment Agency)
MAWPMarine Air Wing, Pacific (US Marine Corps)
MAWPMaximum Actual Working Pressure
MAWPMost Annoying Web Page
MAWPMedical Algorithm Web Pages (medical computing)
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Are they trying to tell me something by calling the missed approach waypoint "You Sux?
To date, the runway threshold missed approach waypoint, normally the MAWP, could be shown as a five-letter ID or the runway number which is a real lat/long fix, not just a label.
You could force the issue with activating the leg from FAF to the missed approach waypoint, but that's not how the system is supposed to work.