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To overcome these shortfalls, in 1998 AFSOC contracted Cincinnati Electronics (Akron, OH) to provide about 170 upgrade kits for this missile approach warner.
The remaining core element of the Eurofighter DASS, the missile approach warner, is being developed by MDS's Plessey Avionics Division and utilizes antenna arrays mounted in both the aircraft's wing roots and at the extreme rear of its fuselage.
Missile approach warners can also be passive, using IR or electro-optical technology to detect the launch, boost phase or mid-course portion of an incoming threat.
JED understands that this has involved development of a fast-jet towed radar decoy which was to have been integrated with a passive missile approach warner and a variant of the Tornado New Radar Warning Equipment (NRWE), which the company is developing in collaboration with US-contractor Litton.
This package included the ALQ-156 missile approach warner, ALQ-136(V)2 and ALQ-162 radar jammers, AVR-2 laser warner, ALQ-144(V)3 infrared jammer, ALR-39A(V)5 RWR and ALE-47 C/IRDF dispenser.
Early evaluations of the system indicate, however, that the pulse Doppler missile approach warner is unable to detect the very low radar cross section of modern missiles below SA-7 size.
The joint Air Force-Navy program calls for an entire IRCM system, including a missile approach warner, a pointer/tracker, the algorithm processor and a laser, to undergo missile fly out tests at White Sands Missile Range in FY 1997 and captive-carry flight tests in FY 1998.
As outlined to JED, the DAS comprises Litton's ALR-69 RWR, Elta's EL/M-2160 pulse Doppler missile approach warner, two Northrop Grumman ALQ-162 continuous-wave radar jammers and a Danish-developed chaff/flare dispensing subsystem.
For the USMC's "Whiskey" Cobras, JED understands that Litton is supplying the (V)2 variant of the APR-39A, which functions both as an RWR and as an EW controller for a suite which can incorporate Tracor's AN/ALE-39 or -47 dispenser, the Hughes Danbury AN/AVR-2 laser warner, the Northrop AN/ALQ-162 and ITT ALQ-136 radar jammers and the Loral AN/AAR-47 missile approach warner.
The ALE-47 chaff/flare dispenser and the AAR-47 missile approach warner will provide self-protection.
The RWR will act as the integrated suite controller and is designed to accept upgrades such as a missile approach warner (MAW) if required.