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Therefore, a medical practitioner may be tried for medical malpractice under P.P.C as he may, either by mistake of act or by mistake of fact, cause harm or death.
After police investigation, 10,193 in 2011, 10,235 in 2012 and 10,864 cases in 2013 were found to be false or suffering from mistake of fact or law.
The relevant statute allowed a court to "reform a trust instrument, even if unambiguous, to conform to the settlor's probable intention if it is proved by clear and convincing evidence that the settlor's intent as expressed in the trust instrument was affected by a mistake of fact or law, whether in expression or inducement."
From the introduction: "This book examines Article 30 of the Rome Statute which contains the default rule on guilt and defines intent as a basic form of it...." Coverage includes clarification of the terminology, the volitional and cognitive components of intent in relation to conduct and to consequences, other forms of culpability, and mistake of fact and of law in the Rome Statute.
(24) While some courts admit evidence that is based on an officer's mistake of fact, a majority of jurisdictions still subject evidence from an officer's mistake of law to the exclusionary rule.
(24) In these cases, an instruction on mistake of fact should be given that includes the following:
Following agreements are declared void: a) Where both parties to an agreement are under a mistake of fact essential to the agreement.
The High Court said Mr Rivett made a "mistake of fact material to his decision" in concluding there is a severe mismatch between the type of affordable housing identified as being most needed in the area, and the type proposed as part of the Bellway development.
The Question: When overpayments are made to an employee benefits fund by the employer due to a mistake of fact or law in interpreting a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), is the employer entitled to equitable restitution and refund of these overpayments?
particular use of force is based on a mistake of fact, we ask whether a
1.83-2(f), revocation will be granted where the transferee is under a mistake of fact as to the underlying transaction and the revocation is requested within 60 days of the date on which the mistake of fact first became known to the person who made the election.
The European Council has admitted it made a mistake of fact in deeming the bank to be state owned when it is in fact privately owned.