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Mister Lonely (2008) and Gummo (1997) muddled through very limited releases, neither approaching even $200,000.
During this period, Carax's appearances were rare gems: a small role in Harmony Korine's Mister Lonely, a short tRAILer for the 2006 Viennale that shows the director quitting smoking by shooting himself in the head, and Merde, the middle chapter for the omnibus film Tokyo
Alcanzo fama mundial con Y tu mama tambien, de Alfonso Cuaron (protagonizada tambien por su companero y socio Gael Garcia Bernal), y ha participado en una larga lista que incluye: Mister Lonely (Harmouy Korine), Ambar (Luis Estrada), Un hilito de sangre y Un dulce olor a muerte (Gabriel Retes), Todo el poder (Fernando Sarinana), The Terminal (Steven Spielberg), Solo Dios sabe (Carlos Bolado), Open Range (Kevin Costner), Frida (con Salma Hayek, de Julie Taymor), Milk (con Seann Penn, de Gus Van Sant); volvio a reunirse con Gael en Rudo y cursi, de Carlos Cuaron.
2 Mister Lonely (Harmony Korine) A Marilyn Monroe look-alike lures a Michael Jackson impersonator to an island that is sort of like a cinematic Jonestown without the suicide, except for nuns who jump out of a plane piloted by Werner Herzog.
The Collected Fanzines of Harmony Korine, produced between 1992 and 1999, half of them co-created with skateboarding legend Mark Gonzalez, provide little insight into the brain behind the films Kids, Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy and Mister Lonely.
MISTER LONELY (15) Quirky indie drama with Samantha Morton.
She also stars as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike in Mister Lonely, which opens in the UK on Friday.
Diego Luna protagoniza Mister Lonely, el tercer filme de Harmony Korine, considerado uno de los directores independientes mas originales del cine estadunidense contemporaneo debido a su vision extravagante, perturbadora y controvertida del ser humano.
Completan el elenco de Mister Lonely ("Senor solitario" en espanol) el neoyorquino David Blaine, el frances Denis Lavant, la britanica Samantha Morton y la italiana Anita Pallenberg.
Mister Lonely (Luna) es un joven mexicano imitador del llamado Rey del Pop que vive en Paris y se dedica a bailar en calles, parques publicos, comercios y sitios turisticos.
After a long rehabilitation she is back in good health and gave birth to a second daughter in January, as well as playing a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Mister Lonely.