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"Mister Haggin" was the sound that meant "God." In Jerry's heart and head, in the mysterious centre of all his activities that is called consciousness, the sound, "Mister Haggin," occupied the same place that "God" occupies in human consciousness.
And so, when Mister Haggin, or God, or call it what one will with the limitations of language, picked Jerry up with imperative abruptness, tucked him under his arm, and stepped into the whaleboat, whose black crew immediately bent to the oars, Jerry was instantly and nervously aware that the unusual had begun to happen.
When they did so they turned to look toward the Giant's cave, and at that moment the ferocious Mister Yoop threw the Patchwork Girl at them.
"Mister Yoop is a perfect stranger to me, but I fear, from the rude manner in which he has acted, that he is no gentleman."
'Two!' cries Durdles, scrambling up; 'why didn't you try to wake me, Mister Jarsper?'
'Let me get my bundle right, Mister Jarsper, and I'm with you.' As he ties it afresh, he is once more conscious that he is very narrowly observed.
'What a prophet you have shown yourself, Mister Copperfield!' pursued Uriah.
who would have thought it likely, Mister Copperfield!' returned Uriah, enthusiastically.
They protested both fear and friendship.' He broke off with a giggle into English: "Of course, I tell you this unoffeecialiv to elucidate political situation, Mister O'Hara.
That is as easy for me as playing Mister Doctor to the old lady.
But you vill find other lodgings, mister. I cannot have you here.
"Good morning, mister," said the pedlar, reining in his mare.