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As long as Mister Haggin, or Derby, or Bob, was about, the niggers took their chasing.
The great god, Mister Haggin, had raged up and down the plantation.
As an instance, this very morning Biddy, remembering a secret mauling at the hands of Lerumie, laid teeth into his naked calf and threw him sprawling into the water, trade-box, earthly possessions and all, and then laughed at him, sure in the protection of Mister Haggin who grinned at the episode.
cries Durdles, scrambling up; 'why didn't you try to wake me, Mister Jarsper?
Let me get my bundle right, Mister Jarsper, and I'm with you.
Don't hurt the boy, Mister Jarsper,' urges Durdles, shielding him.
What a prophet you have shown yourself, Mister Copperfield
who would have thought it likely, Mister Copperfield
That is as easy for me as playing Mister Doctor to the old lady.
I sat down and cried, Mister O'Hara, anticipating Chinese tortures.
See here, mister, you can't expect me, as Bodymaster, to pass into the lodge a man for whose past he can't answer.
Good morning, mister," said the pedlar, reining in his mare.