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MITMassachusetts Institute of Technology
MITMaster of Information Technology
MITMPF (Maritime Prepositioning Force) Information Tool
MITMen in Trees (TV show)
MITMade In Taiwan
MITMade in Turkey
MITMost Important Task (organization)
MITManukau Institute of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand)
MitMitanni (linguistics)
MITManipal Institute of Technology (Manipal, Karnataka, India)
MITManagement of Information Technology
MITMinistry of Industry and Trade
MITMadras Institute of Technology (Chennai, India)
MITMetal-Insulator Transition (condensed matter physics)
MITMarket If Touched (trading markets; stocks, bonds, commodities)
MITMilitary Information Technology (magazine; Kerrigan Media International, Inc.)
MITMaharashtra Institute of Technology (India)
MITMapúa Institute of Technology (Manila, Philippines)
MITMinimally Invasive Treatment
MITMedia, Information, and Technoculture (University of Western Ontario degree program)
MITMilli Istihbarat Teskilati (National Intelligence Agency; Turkey)
MITMelodic Intonation Therapy (apraxia therapy)
MITMonoiodotyrosine (amino acid)
MITMurder Investigation Team (UK TV drama)
MITMiller Analogies Test
MITMan In Trouble
MITMinistero per l'Innovazione e le Tecnologie (Italian Ministry for Innovation and Technologies)
MITManagement Information Tree (TMN)
MITMichigan Institute of Technology (Houghton)
MITMember in Training
MITMerge in Transit
MITManaged Information Technology (automated maintenance and monitoring of computers and network equipment)
MITMyanmar Institute of Theology (Myanmar)
MITMobile Intelligent Terminal
MITMedical Imaging Technologist
MITMagyar Immunológiai Társaság (Hungarian Society for Immunology)
MITMinimum Ignition Temperature
MITMinistry of Information and Technology
MITMaterial In Transit
MITMaster Instruction Tape
MITMishap Investigation Team (NASA)
MITMeiho Institute of Technology (Taiwan)
MITMobile Interrogation Team
MITMission Integration Team (NASA)
MITMiddleware Improved Technology (Integrated Risk Reduction of Information-Based Infrastructure Systems; EU)
MITMisamis Institute of Technology (Philippines)
MITMaster Installation Tape
MITMillvale Industrial Theatre
MITMunicipal Insurance Trust
MITMother In Training
MITMagnetic Imaging Technology
MITModule Integration Test
MITMýllý Ýstýhbarat Teskýlati (Turkish Intelligence Agency, Turkey)
MITMoodalakatte Institute of Technology (Karnataka, Kundapura, India)
MITMitigation Instrument Tree
MITMultifunction Instrument Tree
MITMetro in Town (Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO)
MITMultiple Instrument Test
MITMaintenance Induced Trouble (Cisco)
MITMateriel Improvement Team
MITMaterials Interaction Test
MITMovimiento Indio Tawantinsuyu (Spanish: Indian Movement Tawantinsuyu; Peru)
MITManufacturing Information Technology (various organizations)
MITMedia and Instructional Technology (various organizations)
MITMobile Internet Toolkit (Microsoft)
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They were established as colonists in Kizzuwatna, an area of conflict between Mitanni and Hatti (the Hittite Empire's name for itself as a nation-state).
He has synthesized a large amount of material from diverse sources and provides insight into military technology, organization, administration, logistics, operations, and strategy, as well as a look not only at the ancient Egyptian military but also its opponents--the Nubians, Canaanites, and Mitanni.
Whether we'll be able to get the forecast 5-1 about Mitanni in the opener at Salisbury is questionable, but I'd be happy enough with 7-2.
It features its usual competitive field, headed by flying filly Gold Edition and Mitanni, second and third behind Takeover Target a fortnight ago in the Group 1 Doomben 10,000.
Mas aun, aparecen en el mismo horizonte otras culturas: los Micenicos de Grecia, los Hititas del Asia Menor, los Mitanni de la "gran curvatura" y el Eufrates y los Fenicios (o cananeos) que ya tenian tiempo establecidos en las costas montanosas del Mediterraneo oriental.
Tanto los hititas como sus vecinos de Mitanni serian vitales para la propagacion de estas tradiciones religiosas, la que incluian tambien sacrificios y procesiones (influencia mesopotamica), mas elementos de magia, como la observacion de los astros, de los pajaros y de los higados de animales para predecir el futuro.
The sensuous young Hatusu (or Hatshepsut) is now Pharaoh and, having just defeated the Mitanni, is enjoying her power and glory.
Nos dijeron que estribamos en el pais de Mitanni, pero como eramos egipcios, la gente nos trataba con respeto y dandonos la bienvenida.
In Anatolia, the Indo-Europeans created two powerful empires 3,000-4,000 years ago: the Hittite and the Mitanni empires.
In Egypt, it was gold: "More common than dust" was the comment of King Tushratta of Mitanni in his letter to Amenhotep III in the fourteenth century B.
49) For roughly the first century, the system was a bipolar one in which the empires of Egypt and Mitanni were the superpowers, dividing Syria between them.
The nomads established the kingdom of Mitanni in what is now Syria and northern Iraq, and the Hittite kingdom in what is now eastern Turkey.