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MITRAMaximal Individual Therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction (study)
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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (NYSE: ANZ) (ANZ.AX) (OTC: ANZBY), Australia's fourth largest bank by market capitalisation, has said that it has named Aninda Mitra, a former executive with Moody's Investors Service, as head of Southeast Asia economics, effective from June 15, 2010.
What Mitra's research is showing has implications for us all, however, not just those children without access to great or even good schools.
"Think of your intestines," said Mitra. "It's designed in such a way that nutrition passes through but not the waste." Using a similar structure, membrane distillation allows only water vapor to pass through the walls of the hollow tube, but not the liquid.
"Amidst the prevalence of sound monetary management and sophisticated capital markets, structural improvements in Malaysia's growth fundamentals and the government's fiscal performance could support improvements in Malaysia's sovereign ratings trajectory," Mitra said.
Each item taken to Mitra's Unwanted Gift Shop - which opens for business on January 18 - will be catalogued and displayed, and those donating will be given the opportunity to either exchange their rejecteS d gifts for another item at a special Swap Party on Saturday, April 17, or have them transformed into a work of art - therefore potentially increasing their value!
Mitra decided to start us in Jackson Heights, N.Y., home to a large gay immigrant population.
Still others may be so caught up in the romance and adventure of passionate, headstrong Mitra's journey that they don't make the connection until the group passes through Bethlehem.
Mitra Energy Limited retains a 50 percent equity interest in the block and will operate the 2D seismic acquisition phase of the exploration program.
This paper discusses Mitra's intense and disturbing narrative that records such situations of life when the demarcations between the private and the public spheres of life are effaced.
Mitra, Ph.D., is associate professor in communication and his research is focused on understanding the role of technology in society.
A former political stalwart, Mitra is best remembered for his strong leadership of the lower house from July 1987 until he ran unsuccessfully for Philippine president in 1992.
We have revolutionised village roads, Mamata Banerjee has spent on capital expenditure, which is almost 11 times more than the previous one," Mitra said at a press conference here.