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MVIMotor Vehicle Inspection (various locations)
MVIMultiple Video Interface
MVIMotion Video Instructions
MVIMove Indirect
MVIMovie Command File
MVIMulti Vendor Interactions
MVIMove Immediate
MVIMega Voltage Imaging
MVIMotor Vehicle Insurance
MVIMusic Video Interactive
MVIManagement Ventures, Inc. (research and consulting firm; Cambridge, MA)
MVIMitral Valve Insufficiency
MVIMotor Vehicle Incident
MVIMelt-Volume Index
MVIMicrogravity Vestibular Investigation (US NASA)
MVIMulti Vendor Integration (telecommunications)
MVIManœuvre à Vue Imposée (French; aviation procedure)
MVIMassachusetts Volunteer Infantry (1861-1864; Civil War)
MVIMulti-Vendor Import
MVIMODIS Vegetation Index
MVIMulti-Vitamin Injection
MVIMultiple Victim Incident (disaster medicine)
MVIMartha's Vineyard Island
MVIMultiple Variable Inversion
MVIMicrosoft Virus Initiative
MVIMalarial Vaccine Initiative
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From the results of the histopathologic findings and the ECG in this case, we concluded that the AV dissociation documented in this pheasant may have originated from ventricular hypertrophy due to mitral valve insufficiency.
With mitral valve insufficiency, when the heart contracts, the left ventricle is unable to sufficiently push the blood out to the body.
If cardiac insufficiency secondary to mitral valve insufficiency is present in primum type ASD patients, an earlier operation is required.
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