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MLLMajor League Lacrosse (professional outdoor lacrosse)
MLLMannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto (Finnish)
MLLModern Languages and Linguistics (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
MLLMixed Lineage Leukemia
MLLMicrosoft Live Labs
MLLMedia Label Library
MLLMultiplicative Linear Logic
MLLMudra Lifestyle Ltd. (India)
MLLMy Lady Love
MLLMobile Learning Lab
MLLModern Languages and Literature
MLLmyeloid/lymphoid leukemia
MLLMultimedia Learning Lab
MLLMedical Lessons Learned (US Navy)
MLLMaple Leaf Lounge (restaurant; Canada)
MLLMillbrook Press, Inc. (former stock symbol; now MILB)
MLLMinimum Luminance Level (plasma TVs)
MLLMaersk Lines, Limited
MLLMaximum Lobe Length
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Most young children with AML develop the disease as a result of what researchers call mixed lineage leukemia fusion proteins, which can activate the Hoxa9 and Meis1 genes.
Children with the high-risk mixed lineage leukemia or BCR-ABL translocations are treated by transplantation after first remission, while those with other cytogenetic profiles are not.
Mixed lineage leukemia and asynchronous antigen expression.
FitzGerald and his team are on the trail of MLL, the Mixed Lineage Leukemia gene, a particularly troublesome member of the human gene pool.
Lineage heterogeneity in acute leukemia with the t(4;11) abnormality: implications for acute mixed lineage leukemia. Hematol Pathol.
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