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MXNMexican New Peso (national currency; successor of old Peso 1993)
MXNMixed Networking
MXNMarketing Exchange Network, Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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So women-only networking events are legal but do they offer anything that mixed networking events don't?
o by the d a busig "I know a lot of people - including who have got clients through bui lationships." myself - ilding reixed Ms Donaldson also attends mi working events but says that, as a men band, she doesn't need a lo services that other people are trying mixed networking events.
"However, many of its attendees and its organisers also attend the usual mixed networking events and this is most definitely not a feminist splinter group," stressed Ms Hamer.
"I have been at mixed networking or business events and people have started talking to my partner, assuming it's his business.