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MMPRMighty Morphin Power Rangers (TV Series)
MMPRMinimising and Managing Physical Restraint (criminal justice; UK)
MMPRMichael Meyers Public Relations (Dublin, CA)
MMPRMixed Member Proportional Representation (voting system)
MMPRMaintenance and Modernization Performance Review (US Navy)
MMPR6-Methyl Mercapto-Purine Ribonucleoside
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Around the world political science experts have hailed the 'mixed member proportional representation system' or the 'German Model' introduced by this Bill as 'one of the most plausible electoral systems'.
The mixed member proportional representation (MMP) system, used in Germany for sixty years and recently introduced in New Zealand, combines local representation in single-member ridings (just like we have now) with a top-up party list that would assure proportional outcomes for all the parties.
abandoned the first-past-the-post system it had inherited from Britain, and introduced a new system, Mixed Member Proportional Representation, which tries to retain a geographical balance and also enables more women and Maori to participate by way of the Party list.
The various voting systems highlighted by witnesses were generally divided between single member constituencies (for example, first-past-the-post and preferential voting) and multimember constituencies (for example, mixed member proportional representation and dual member proportional representation).
The government also hopes to expand the reforms to Provincial Council and parliamentary elections, based on the success of the local government elections held under the German model which is also called the 'mixed member proportional representation system'.