MJSAMoose Jaw Soccer Association (Canada)
MJSAManufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America
MJSAMidwest Jewish Studies Association
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Because of the growth of Jewish Studies on the west coast, and the difficulty of travelling to Chicago and other sites in the Midwest, Jewish Studies scholars in California decided to establish their own organization, modeled on the MJSA. The Western Jewish Studies Association thus came into being in 1995.
This was also the year that the MJSA had its first website (http://Obenamots.cc.colorado.edu/MJSA.html) put together by Ofer ben Amots, a music composition professor at Colorado College.
The pattern was established that the MJSA conference was always in the fall and the WJSA association met annually in the spring.
The revolving credit card is to be provided through MJSA retail members in the United States.
MJSA is a 90-year-old, 2,200-member national association that represents manufacturers of fine and fashion jewelry as well as suppliers to the manufacturing jewelry industry.
In 1979, MJSA decided to explore export opportunities for its members.
When the management of the premier international trade fair for jewelry and watches in Europe rebuffed MJSA's official inquiries (the event was "for Europeans only"), the association staged a "rump" event during the fair at a nearby hotel, featuring a dozen companies from the United States in a mini-exhibition.
One panel established a WJSA tradition by focusing on "the Jewish experience in the American West." Taking a cue from the MJSA, two of the ten panels were devoted to pedagogical issues.
The Tucson conference and the ongoing meetings of the MJSA reminded the AJS that many of its members expected the organization to abandon its practice of confining the annual conference to Boston.
The first special issue on a specific topic was on teaching Judeo-Christian relations, a parallel to the pedagogical focus of the newly founded MJSA. In 1996 the journal moved from being published by Purdue University, to being published by Nebraska University press; this move from a university to university press only emphasized the quality of the product.
Because of my experience as a burgeoning scholar at the MJSA, I have made it my goal to make our conference more student-friendly.