MMALMitsubishi Motors Australia Limited
MMALMixed-Model Assembly Line
MMALMilitary Modification and Assembly Line (aircraft assembly)
MMALMermaid Marine Australia Limited (management)
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Oshikiri is currently the head of MMAL, a title he has held for the past five years.
Mr Oshikiri, who has led MMAL over the past five years, will be succeeded by John Signoriello, currently Deputy Director of Marketing at the group's Australian subsidiary.
En la mayoria de estas acciones fueron acompanados por CONINAGRO, federaciones adheridas a CRA (CARTEZ o CARBAP, segun la region), el MMAL y entidades que representan a los transportes de carga (La Nacion, 23 y 30/1, 11 y 28/2 y 12/3/98).
[18] developed an intelligence-based GA in order to tackle the complexity of sequencing in parallel MMAL.
[17] studied the complexity of product variety of MMAL defined by the operators such as selection of parts, tools, and fixtures as well as assembly procedures in sequence planning.
Is there something particularly marital or singular that makes it a good time to revive MMaL?
''With the arrival of the vehicles, MMAL will officially become the first volume-production manufacturer to market electric vehicle technology in this country,'' Mitsubishi Motors Australia said.
A escala de aluminio, por possuir caracteristicas conhecidas, serve como um padrao referencial densitometrico, permitindo estabelecer uma calibracao pelo sistema computacional por comparacao das tonalidades de cinza, minimizando possiveis alteracoes que a imagem possa apresentar em decorrencia de variaveis radiologicas (26) e gerando valores densitometricos expressos em equivalentes a milimetros de aluminio (mmAl).
(116.) Pelsers MMAL, Hanhoff T, Van der Voort D, Arts B, Peters M, Ponds R, et al.
After determining the optical density value for each specimen, the following equation was applied to convert the values into mmAl:
The system was calibrated with a group of TLDs irradiated to known doses in air, with x-rays (tube voltage of 100 kV, added filtration of 4 mmAl, equivalent energy of 38 kilo-electronvolts).