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MmesMitsubishi Multi Entertainment System
MmesMatrox Mpeg2 Electronic Systems
MmesMartin Marietta Energy System
MmesModern Middle East Studies (college course title; various locations)
MmesMann-Monroe Elementary School (Everett, Pennsylvania)
MmesMobile Medical Emergency Service (Leipzig, Germany)
MmesMicro-Media Enteric System (enteric bacteria identification method)
MmesMaintenance Management Expert System (facility maintenance management software)
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Mme. Giry opened her eyes with astonishment at such ignorance.
Moncharmin, a little vexed that his figure had made so little impression on Mme. Giry.
"He did break it for him, sir," replied Mme. Giry haughtily.
"As I'm speaking to you now, my good sir!" Mme. Giry replied.
At that moment Mme. Bonacieux recovered her senses.
"My husband in the Bastille!" cried Mme. Bonacieux.
"And does he suspect," said Mme. Bonacieux, with some embarrassment, "the cause of this event?"
The references to Mme. de Lastaola are in a very different tone, I can assure you, thanks to her discretion in remaining here.
"Mme. la Comtesse de Lastaola as soon as she likes after the success of this war."
Mme. Vigneau in short, was a nice-looking woman, sufficiently plump, and if she was somewhat sunburned, her natural complexion must have been very fair.
"We will not take anything, Mme. Vigneau; I only came round this way to see that nothing troublesome had happened."
"Let us see, let me have your hand," said Benassis, addressing Mme. Vigneau; and as he carefully felt her pulse, he stood in silence, absorbed in thought.