MMIRMilitary Miniatures In Review (magazine; Florida)
MMIRMarine Mammal Inventory Report
MMIRMannering Media Internet Radio (England, UK)
MMIRMultispectral Microwave Imaging Radiometer
MMIRManaging Major Incident Risk
MMIRMalaria Morbidity Incidence Rates
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mmir, 26, an Iranian sports enthusiast "I would like my future wife to be somebody who knows how to cook good food.
La tendencia actual consiste en limitar la primigenia Recuperacion de informacion (Information Retrieval) a la recuperacion de caracter textual, y utilizar la variante Recuperacion de informacion Multimedia o Recuperacion Multimedia (Multimedia Retrieval, MMIR o MIR) cuando se desea considerar la recuperacion conjunta de informacion de cualquier indole, ya sea texto, imagenes, sonido y videos en formato digital (Blanken; Vries; Blok; Feng, 2007).
This research focuses on improving precision and recall in an MMIR system by interactively combining text processing with image processing (IP) in both the indexing and retrieval phases.