MNZMaritime New Zealand (maritime safety)
MNZMotorcycling New Zealand (Huntly, New Zealand)
MNZManassas, Virginia (airport code)
MNZMetropolitan Northern Zone (Australia; rugby)
MNZMeat New Zealand
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After approval of VPZ, the VPZ/CAM/ MNZ regimen was used, whereas before approval, the PPI/CAM/MNZ regimen was used.
pylori eradication therapy; pregnancy or lactation; history of allergy to the drugs used (CAM and MNZ); severe liver dysfunction; severe renal dysfunction; severe heart dysfunction; and disqualification by their physicians.
We analyzed first-line triple therapy with 20 mg bid VPZ in combination with 200 or 400 mg bid CAM plus 250 mg bid MNZ bid for 1 week (VCM regimen) (Table 1).
The ERs of VPZ or PPI, CAM, and MNZ (VCM or PCM) in ITT and PP analyses were 90.0% (95% CI: 78.2-96.7; n = 50) and 89.8% (95% CI: 77.8-96.6; n = 49), respectively (Figure 1).
Domingo, serves as a model for the other diplomatic missions in New Zealand, especially in how they bring their services closer to the Filipino community, said MNZ President Pancha Narayanan.
The fairly large turnout of almost 300 guests included the members of the diplomatic corps led by its Dean, the High Commissioner of Samoa; regional chairpersons of MNZ councils; distinguished rights advocates, including on Gender and Development (GAD); and youth leaders.