MoEWMinistry of Energy and Water (Israel)
MoEWMinistry of Environment and Waters (Bulgaria)
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The MOEW is currently in talks for transferring seven bears abroad and for building two centers for bears in the country, one of which has secured a site.
Bustami said the company followed limits set by the MOEW for blasting noise which are explicit and quantifiable, and are in line with international standards.
Our operations in Khor Khuwair are categorised as aACAyGreen' by the MOEW which is the highest level of performance possible in their three level benchmarking hierarchy of quarrying companies in the UAE," added Bustami.
Initial monitoring by MOEW showed that algae is present at a rate of 5 thousand to 10 thousand cells per litre.
Most of these herbal plants are prone to habitat destruction due to changing weather conditions and animal feed, that's why we are supporting projects which help preserve these endangered plants," said Eng Ahmad Al Matri, Director, Desertification Combat Dept at the MOEW.
Confiscation of any mistreated animal also falls under the responsibility of each emirate's authority, based on complaints made by the MOEW.
Tenders are invited for Construction and assembly works related to the supply and installation of a wooden house, benches and fence in the yard of "Slantse" DG, Svilengrad, funded under the project "I play and learn among nature" under the National Campaign "For Clean Environment-2017" Of the MOEW and EMEPA
Obaid Juma Al Matroushi, MOEW Acting Director-General, issued a decision on Sunday, banning the products from being brought into the UAE and from being sold on the market.
Obaid Bin Essa Ahmad, Executive Director for Municipalities Affairs and the Supervisor for Environmental Affairs Sector at MOEW, said the certificate is beneficial to companies who can use it as a marketing tool for their falling in line with local, regional and international standards.