MoIMMinistry of Interior and Municipalities (Lebanon)
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Humanity was then ferried around the world in the ancestral canoe of the Shui Aimasa patrician, called Tumtummeli, which eventually put ashore at Tambunum with local people as well as Jesus in the guise of Moim, who built the first church.
Nie ma ona nic wspolnego z moja sztuka bedaca moim jezykiem, moim wyznaniem przed sama soba, moja skarga czy radoscia, wurazem zachwytu nad cudem egzystencji czy strachem egzystencjalnym."
Jest to w moim przekonaniu pewna przewrotnosc ze strony Milosza, bo wydawa oby sie, le wszelkie szanse na patrona powinien mie w stosunku do autora Rodzinnej Europy przede wszystkim Slowacki, zwa|ywszy na fobi Milosza wobec myslenia nacjonalistycznego czy endeckiego (a mozna bylo przeciez wpisywac Mickiewicza w taki wlasnie kontekst).
He protests too much: "mne," "mne," "edinym," "moim," "mne," "ia," "ia," "ia," "moe," "moe." The poem may seem precious, but underlying it is an anguish arising from Mandel'shtam's awareness of a belatedness that the poem hides only imperfectly.
Moim zdaniem pod wzgledem s|ownictwa jezyk niemiecki jest najbardziej podobny do [In my opinion, in terms of vocabulary, German is most similar to]:
Janet Wanja, Triza Atuka, Mercy Moim, Noel Murambi and Sharon Chepchumba started for Kenya.The Kenyans were still in charge of the proceeding at the second TTO, Ieading 16-5.
Lung'aho, who was not present during the incident, then took up the matter in his capacity as head of delegation and called for a meeting in Shota's room where Moim, Murambi, assistant coach Japheth Munala and Shota were in attendance.
W moim zespole humor jest 0,81 czasami wykorzystywany aby oniesmielic innych /"Humor is sometimes used to intimidate others in the group" 8.
which had kissed Christ]) recall both the lips with which Pushkin has just finished intoning his ambivalent prayer in "Ottsy pustynniki" ("Vsekh chashche mne ona prikhodit na usta ..." [More often than any other it comes to my lips ...]) and the tortured lips of the prophetic poet of "Prorok" ("I on k ustam moim prinik, / I vyrval greshnyi moi iazyk, / I prazdnoslovnyi i lukavyi, / I zhalo mudryia zmei / V usta zamershie moi / Vlozhil desnitseiu krovavoi" [And he bent down to my lips, and tore out my sinful tongue, prone to vain and slanderous speech, and between my frozen lips the stinger of a wise serpent he placed with his bloody right hand]).
Skipper Mercy Moim topped Kenya's scoring charts with eight points, while Noel Murambi and Sharon Chepchumba followed closely with six and three points respectively.
The four, alongside captain Mercy Moim, Janet Wanja and Edith Wisa made work light of Senegal, leading at both the technical time outs of the first set 8-2 and second 16-8 as Atuka and Chemtai excelled in their respective departments.
"Pracujac na moim stanowisku, nie mam 1,87 [+ or -] 0,98 (2) (b) informacji o tym, czy to, co robie, wykonuje dobrze czy zle" /"When working in my position, I have no information on whether what I'm doing has been done good or bad" 14.