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No entanto, algumas referencias aos mascotes elaborados por Molas, em outros espacos do jornal para alem das charges, convida a reflexao sobre o alcance dos personagens.
La mola hidatidiforme (MH) es la presentacion clinica mas comun de la ETG; (11) su incidencia varia en las diferentes regiones del mundo, (9) siendo 7 a 10 veces mas frecuente en el sur de Asia que en Europa y en Norte America.
I required each student to create two or three 9 x 12" (23 x 31 cm) mola designs using a background of black construction paper.
driving, will appreciate the huge fairways at Is Molas and he has been threatening to take the Tour by storm for a while now.
* Molas are found in open seas throughout most of the world.
Clark, who worked initially with the Ancient Monuments Laboratory and then independently, has donated his equipment (and his name) to MoLAS and is consultant to the laboratory.
"In his book, 'Magnificent Molas: The Art of the Kuna Indians,' French ethnologist Michel Perrin said Scottish surgeon Lionel Wafer met the people of the San Blas Archipelago as early as 1681 and noted the women's 'passion for graphic arts.'
I introduced the mola designs of the Kuna people of the San Bias Islands to the fifth grade.
While a complex mola may have more than eight layers highlighted with embroidered detail, these pillows have only three layers.
Guatemala and Panama offer a form of design called "mola." Molas are handmade panels of material that go into pieces of clothing like a blouse, skirt or headscarf.