MoLHSAMinistry of Labour Health and Social Affairs of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia)
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In particular, a package of draft bills was drawn up by the State United Social Insurance Fund together with the MOLHSA and the World Bank.
Together with CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other international partners, Georgia's MoLHSA developed a technical advisory group (TAG), which convened its first meeting in November 2015.
Georgia's MoLHSA is anticipating this growth and is working with partners to ensure the system is upgraded to handle additional demands.
The exception is of course mandatory HIV testing of seamen, which is the only "preventive measure" taken from a central level and comes from the MoLHSA.
A data management system (STOP-C) was developed to collect demographic, diagnostic, clinical, and pharmacy data on patients registered for treatment, which permits data entry by health care providers as well as the Central Social Service Agency (based at MoLHSA in Tbilisi).