MoPWTMinistry of Public Works and Transport (Lebanon)
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According to Iffat Idriss of Operation Big Blue (OBB), an activist network that seeks to protect the Mediterranean coast, in 2001 the MoPWT developed a strategy that designated fourteen coastal areas in various Lebanese cities as public beaches.
Jean Beiruti, the head of the syndicate of seaside resort operators, claims that only seven truly public beaches remain today, and that the MoPWT had been working on managing and developing these beaches before its budget was recently reduced.
The public beaches that are still maintained today are either run by a city's municipality or--in the case, for instance, of Ramlet el-Baida--by an organization on behalf of the MoPWT. Executive met with three public beach operators to learn more about the different models of managing a public asset like a beach, in a way that ensures all stakeholders' rights are respected while providing a well-run facility attracting locals and tourists alike.
The fisherman apparently does not dispute that his house was erected without any permit but is now attempting to prove via the MoPWT that he built on state land, not the Hariris' land, Khalil says.