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MoSOMobile Services-Oriented Architectures and Ontologies
MoSOMobile Services and Ontologies Workshop (annual conference)
MoSOModeration Society (social campaign)
MoSOMultimission Operations Systems Office (US NASA)
MoSOMaximum Overlap Symmetry Orbital
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The air purifying bag from Moso Natural is popular with our customers.
Using 100% sustainable bamboo charcoal, Moso Bags have the ability to absorb and eliminate odors, bacteria, allergens, mold, mildew and moisture accumulate.
A" represents upper pure granitic watersheds covered with pure Moso bamboo forest.
Drawing on field work conducted over two decades, the author gives give a comprehensive account of tisese, a visiting system that most Moso adults practice in place of marriage.
Moso bamboo is a monopodial bamboo native to China and Japan.
TRAGIC Rambo WRECK The teen smashed father's Mercedes HITTING OUT His devastated dad Moso
The Swedish telecommunications solutions supplier Ericsson has signed an agreement with the Norwegian operator NetCom to launch Moso, the mobile e-mail solution from Ericsson Microsoft Mobile Venture.
Contract notice: Region center: Moso small works on masonry, Metal and reinforced concrete structures.
Moso Natural's Air Purifying Bag for the Refrigerator rapidly absorbs strong food odors of all kinds, keeps food fresh longer, and is designed for convenience with a suction cup that adheres to the wall of a refrigerator or freezer, say officials for Oakhurst, NJ.
2], and native Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) plantation area exceeded 3 x [10sup.
Chinese-Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata), and moso bamboo (Phyllostachys heterocycla vat.