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MANETMobile Ad Hoc Network (computing)
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MANETMobile Adhoc Network
MANETMissings Are Now Equally Treated (software)
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A Mobile Adhoc Network is a multi-hop ad-hoc wireless network is composed of a number of autonomous, wireless and mobile nodes.
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The continued fielding of Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2, the backbone of the Army's new network capability set, enables commanders to take advantage of the improved situational awareness provided by a mobile adhoc network that reaches down to the company level for the first time.
In Mobile adhoc network a lot of work has been done for broadcast schemes but these existing techniques doses not perform well in VANETs.
Since the Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is self- configuring, all the nodes and devices are able to move and relocate independently in many different routes and change its links to other connected devices frequently .The main concern in developing a MANET is preparing all the nodes and devices to keep up the knowledge constantly and frequently needed for the correct and true route traffic [8,9].
A group of wireless mobile nodes form a temporary network called a mobile Adhoc network (MANET), where a node can communicate with other nodes those are in its access region.
A Mobile Adhoc Network is composed of mobile nodes/devices which interact among each other under the restraint environment of wireless medium.
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It was proposed by Johnson and Maltz and is regarded as "Benchmark" mobility model for evaluation of routing protocols in Mobile Adhoc Networks as it is very simple and available in almost all simulation tools.
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