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MEPPMiddle East Peace Process
MEPPMiniature End-Plate Potential (Small depolarization at synapse target due to spontaneous quantal release)
MEPPMaster of Engineering in Professional Practice
MEPPMathematics Education Partnership Program
MEPPMunicipal Employees Pension Plan
MEPPMunicipal Employees' Pension Plan
MEPPMaster Exercise Practitioner Program
MEPPMaster of Engineering and Public Policy
MEPPMobile Electric Power Plant
MEPPMultiple Employer Pension Plan (Canada)
MEPPMaster Emergency Plant Procedure
MEPPMiniature Excitatory Postsynaptic Potential
MEPPMonitoring Equipment Placement Phase
MEPPMinistria e Ekonomisë Publike dhe Privatizimit (Albanian: Ministry of Public Economy and Privatisation)
MEPPMotor End Plate Potential
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For example, one MRTS 3D lab could be used to simulate 24 independent MRTS 3D Mobile Electric Power Plants (MEPP), wherein each student is reacting to different casualties as set by the instructor.
Caption: A Sailor uses the Multipurpose Reconfigurable Training System 3D[R] as he trains on the Mobile Electric Power Plants (MEPP) system used to maintain ground support equipment MEPP is the first of many aviation operations and maintenance training applications, allot which can run on a common set of hardware.
Caption: Sailors learn together on the Mobile Electric Power Plants Multipurpose Reconfigurable Training System 3D[R].
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