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But Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled in March "six new major offensive weapons systems", including the Peresvet military mobile laser system, Poblete said.
The detailed analysis of mobile laser scanning pulses behavior with respect to polyethylene city infrastructure networks (cables and pipelines) resulted a new planning of the mobile laser missions.
The StreetMapper Fractional Ownership Plan is designed to expand the appeal of the mobile laser mapping system.
A FATHER and his three children have overcome adversity with the launch of a mobile laser tag business, with plans to roll it out as a franchise.
Each of the products incorporates enhancements in the ability to handle the large point clouds produced by today's higher speed mobile laser scanners.
They are proposing to make two kinds of true-colour holograms: Denisyuk holograms recorded using a mobile laser camera, and digital holograms using source material recorded by a robotic travelling camera able to get complete views of antiquities in situ.
Retired computer engineer Aitken Brothers-ton, 61, of Lymm, Cheshire, claims an inaccurate reading was recorded by a mobile laser gun and also contests the legality of the piece of equipment which captured his speed.
Developed by Malvern Instruments, the new Insitec[R] Voyager is a mobile laser diffraction-based particle size analyzer for dry streams with particles in the size range of 1-1000 microns.
The Super Mobile Laser Scanner Kit makes scanning faster and more productive by enabling users to take it anywhere, according to the company, whether they're hiking through forests or rough terrain like in civil engineering, tunnels and mines, forensic scenes or archaeological excavations.
(Nasdaq: FARO), Lake Mary, Fla., a world market leader in portable computer-aided measurement arm and laser tracker sales, has developed a Super Mobile Laser Scanner Kit.
office in Charlotte, N.C.), showed its new laser projector, called ProCollector Mobile Laser, which works with a camera and laser projector.
Last summer a single speed camera on the A77 in Ayrshire caught 100 speeders a day during a three-week crackdown and the number of cameras deployed in Scotland soared to more than 500, and several police forces introduced new mobile laser equipment.
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