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MNMinnesota (US postal abbreviation)
MNMobile Node
MNModel Number (manufacturer code)
MNMinor (AT&T)
MNMongolia (ISO country code, top level domain)
MNMusic News
MNMontenegro (Yugoslavia)
MNMaster of Nursing
MNMach Number (aviation)
MNMobile Network
MNMedian Nerve
MNMain Library
MNMata Nui (Lego)
MNMotor Neuron
MNMerchant Navy
MNMajjhima Nikaya (religious study)
MNMagnetic North
MNMe Neither
MNMass Number
MNMoscow News (Moscow, Russia newspaper)
MNMillard North (Omaha, NE high school)
MNMaruha Nichiro (Japan)
MNMineman (US Navy)
MNMuggleNet (Harry Potter)
MNMantova, Lombardia (Italian province)
MNMarket Neutral (investment method)
MNManaged Node
MNMononuclear Leukocytes
MNMega Newton (force)
MNVery High Frequency Voice Radio (US Navy)
MNMatched Nodes (Nortel)
MNMaintenance Node
MNMateriel Need
MN(USN Rating) Mineman
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* The method that deals with every changing transition of IP addresses of fog services and mobile nodes as they move respectively.
The best-case scenario is to choose the mobile edge platform that governs the mobile edge hosts co-located with the current cell that the mobile node is connected to.
[Host.sub.1] encompassing other mobile nodes within its transmission range is responsible to perform the encoding of data packets (by using the XOR operation) in the second and the third scenarios, which depict hop-by-hop and source NC-Aware routing of data packets, respectively.
In the case of the AMC, a mobile node can be a service provider where it helps to forward a traffic via the shortest route mechanism to the traffic destination.
Nevertheless, the use of a single mobile node increases the overhead over the beacon node and maximizes the probability of network congestion.
Many approaches have been proposed to cope with the limitations of mobility and battery dependency of mobile nodes in MANETs.
The simulation scenario-I has been performed to evaluate the influence of degree of mobility under wormhole active attack when the number of mobile nodes increases from 2 to 20.
* It consists of a corresponding node (CN), six mobility agents (AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4, AG5, AG6), a mobile node (MN) and a router (RT) that connects the devices with each other.
In this paper, we use X-MAC protocol and also design, extend, and implement the access mechanism of the mobile node and the maintenance of the mobile link.
One set-top box (STB) receives the scalable streams from the streaming server and then forwards scalable layers to mobile nodes including mobile phones and tablets.
In this model each mobile node is independent to other and selects random destination from direction range [0, 2[pi]] in the simulation area.
At the online localization phase, we collect a group of data at the mobile node, then they will be delivered to PC to help form the location estimation.
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