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MWIMalawi (ISO Country code)
MWIMobile Web Initiative (World Wide Web Consortium)
MWIMessage-Waiting Indicator (telecommunications)
MWIMemory Write Invalidate
MWIMessage Waiting Indication
MWIMobile Web Initiative
MWIMany-Worlds Interpretation (Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics)
MWIMinistry of Water and Irrigation
MWIMedical Waste Incinerator
MWImicrowave irradiation
MWIMedia Wearout Indicator (computing)
MWIMafia Wars Indonesia (gaming clan)
MWIMarriage Witness Index (UK)
MWIMicrowave Imaging
MWIMountain Wilderness International
MWIMad Wae It!
MWIMedical Waste Institute
MWIMagee Womancare International (Pittsburgh, PA; free preventive healthcare)
MWIMad With It (intoxicated)
MWIMissouri Watershed Initiative
MWIManufacturing Work Instruction
MWIManaging for Weekly Improvement
MWIMet While Incarcerated
MWIManagement Work Instruction
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document was created by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group as part of the Mobile Web Initiative aiming to address the interoperability, and usability problems in order to, make "Web access from a mobile device as simple, easy, and convenient as Web access from a desktop device" (Passani, 2008).
.mobi's open standards, based on the best practices of the W3C's Mobile Web Initiative, allow end users to access Internet sites via mobile phones and to have a good experience with well-designed content, something hard to get with traditional .com and .net web site viewing on a mobile device.
MobileAware, a provider of mobile business solutions and founding sponsor of the Mobile Web Initiative (MWI), has called on industry players to collaborate to break down the barriers to widespread uptake of the mobile web.
The W3C standards body launched the Mobile Web Initiative to show users that it is serious about improving the quality of Web access on handhelds, wireless pagers and smart phones.
The Mobile Web Initiative (MWI) is aimed at improving the quality of web access on handhelds, wireless pagers and smart phones and is being overseen by W3C director and web creator Tim Berners-Lee.
The World Wide Web Consortium has announced the launch of a new Mobile Web Initiative that aims to make web access from a mobile device as straightforward as web access from a desktop.
However, supporting academic life was only listed as a goal for mobile web initiatives by 41 percent of the institutions working on their implementations.