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MOAMaking of America (Cornell University)
MOAMemorandum Of Agreement
MOAMemorandom of Association (legal document)
MOAMall of America
MOAMinistry of Agriculture
MOAMinute of Angle (measurement)
MOAMechanism of Action
MOAMark of Athena
MOAMethod of Administration (various organizations)
MOAMuseum of Art
MOAMount Olympus Academy (Joan Holub Goddess Girls series)
MOAMunicipality Of Anchorage
MOAMall of Asia (Philippines)
MOAMode of Action
MOAMaîtrise d'Ouvrage (French)
MOAMedal of Honor (game)
MOAMatrix Output Amplifier
MOAMedical Office Assistant
MOAMilitary Operations Area
MOAMicrolensing Observations in Astrophysics
MOAMinnesota Orchestral Association
MOAMinute of Arc
MOAMethod of Analysis
MOAMilitary Operating Area
MOAMove on Already
MOAMan of Action
MOAMade of Awesome
MOAMarket Opportunity Analysis
MOAMiscellaneous Offences Act (Zimbabwe)
MOAMercenaries of Alliance (Star Wars gaming guild)
MOAMoyen-Orient et Afrique (French: Middle East and Africa)
MOAMacromedia Open Architecture
MOAMercenary of Abaddon (gaming clan)
MOAMissouri Optometric Association
MOAMichigan Optometric Association
MOAMinimum Order Amount (retail)
MOAMotor Oil Additive
MOAMarketing Outsource Associates, Inc. (Columbia, MD)
MOAMonsters of Art
MOAMassachusetts Orthopaedic Association
MOAManaged Object Agent (Nortel)
MOAMission Oriented Approach
MOAUnion Ministry of Agriculture (India)
MOAMethod Of Accomplishment
MOAMeteorology, Ozone and Aerosol
MOAMorons of America
MOAMeasure of Aggregation
MOAMouse Anatomy Ontology
MOAMark of Amber (gaming, Dungeons & Dragons)
MOAMedium Observation Aircraft
MOAMission Operations Area
MOAMinions of Abyss (gaming clan, Israel)
MOAManagement Operations Audit
MOAMatch on Action
MOAMissing On Arrival
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Alternatively, the OCPs may influence autoimmunity through a mode of action unrelated to their estrogenicity.
Agents that produce tumors by modes of action that are relevant to humans can be judged "likely" to produce cancer in humans based on experimental data including animal testing and mode of action information.
Sumitomo Chemical is pleased to announce that it has developed a new mode of action insecticide product for adult mosquito control for application in indoor residual spray (IRS) malaria control programs.
The analysis reveals the molecular behavior of a common lubricant additive, whose mode of action had remained mysterious since the additive's introduction in the late 1930s.
Chemical Pesticides: Mode of Action and Toxicology Jorgen Stenersen Boca Raton, FL:CRC Press, 2004.
As weed resistance management plays an increasingly important role in herbicide selection, Callisto brings an entirely new post-emergence mode of action that demonstrates superior control of the toughest broadleaf weeds, even those resistant of tolerant to triazine, ALS-inhibiting and glyphosate herbicides.
The majority of sites, irrespective of ideology, explain mifepristone's mode of action (87-94%) and efficiency (78-94%), and discuss the pain and bleeding associated with the procedure (67-81%).
Xenical's unique non-central nervous system mode of action could make it a good option for adolescents who are overweight.
GLPG1690 has a novel mode of action discovered by Galapagos, with potential application in pulmonary diseases.
In other words, the factors are applied when a carcinogenic mode of action is known to be mutagenic and when there are no chemical-specific studies in young animals.