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To avoid conflicts of interest, the validator should be objective; knowledgeable about the product being modeled, modeling standards of practice, industry practices and regulatory requirements; and not have an interest in the outcome of the validation.
Using the DoDAF, operational activities are often modeled using integrated definition (IDEF) methods, specifically the IDEFO (pronounced IDEF-zero) function modeling method.
General moving object (GMO) modeling provides a robust and accurate way to simulate 3-D motion of arbitrary shapes in a fixed computational grid.
For instance, if modeling is going to help identify and focus on the decisions likely to have the largest effects on outcomes, the models must address actual decisions to be made in actual bioterrorism events.
LISREL 8.5: Structural equation modeling with the SIMPLIS command language.
Use of 3D tetrahedral mesh eliminates the need for special modeling techniques to represent the gas channels, substantially reducing model preparation time and facilitating a more accurate representation of the part.
Williams first documents the considerable uncertainty associated with modeling the natural rates of interest and unemployment.
Mertz's (2001) proposed framework helps define and organize mentoring, advising and role modeling, thus providing a shared language that all in the helping professions can use.
The modeling effort, which is ongoing, is facilitated by the capability of the Metis software to automatically extract the survey information from the database and translate it into XML (Extensible Markup Language) script.
"By modeling the behavior of individuals within the firm, we effectively derive the amount that an outside investor would pay at grant date for the right to obtain the actual cash flows realized by employees from a particular pool of ESOs."
Application: Modeling allows mills to efficiently and economically simulate and modify digester operations.
Its purpose was to apply the technical advances in material science, optical metrology, light scattering modeling and computer graphic rendering to develop more accurate methods of modeling and predicting the appearance of coatings and coated objects.
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