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Modern Armenian youth do not want to die or become disabled for the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh, where many of them have never been.
The Republic of Armenia was the first modern Armenian state since the fall of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia in 1375.
For most, tales of April 24 have ossified into the modern Armenian identity and responsibility.
It contained the Turkish translation of a monumental work titled "A Reference Guide to Modern Armenian Literature 1500-1920," by Professor Kevork Bardakjian, who I had the pleasure of meeting years ago at the University of Michigan.
Founded in Yerevan in 2003 by art collector and promoter Aram Sargsyan, the Arame Art Gallery opened a branch in Gemmayzeh's Tekian Center earlier in the year, with the aim of specializing "in original artworks of the best modern Armenian artists," as is written in the exhibition catalogue.
Author Libaridian, who is professor of modern Armenian history at the University of Michigan, has detailed the recent history of the Armenians still living in their ancient homeland and has produced a most competent book that traces the history of the Armenian peoples, at least from the Nineteenth century through to present times.
Cultivating nationhood in imperial Russia; the periodical press and the formation of a modern Armenian identity.
This father of the modern Armenian school of painting was awarded numerous honors during his lifetime, including the Order of Lenin award, which he received three times.
This priest, composer, choir leader, singer, ethnomusicologist and pedagogue, who lived from 1869 to 1935, is regarded by many as the founder of modern Armenian classical music.
She also gives only scant attention to the genocide of the Armenians by the Young Turk government of the Ottoman Empire in 1915-16, the seminal point of modern Armenian history, and to the first and second Armenian republics.
A translation of the Book of Psalms in modern Armenian followed in 1843 under the supervision of H.J.
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