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MODSMetadata Object Description Schema
MODSMultiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome
MODSMuseum of Discovery & Science (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
MODSMultiplexed Optical Data Storage
MODSMedical Operational Data System
MODSMedical Occupational Data System
MODSMobility Planning Data System
MODSmultiplex optical data storage
MODSMajor Operations Data System
MODSModular Data System
MODSModular Oriented Direct Support
MODSMotor Operated Disconnecting Switch
MODSManitoba Organization of Disc Sports (Canada)
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Some histone modifications compact the DNA to hide a gene from the cell's protein-making machinery and consequently turn gene "off.
The total number of loan modifications completed last year was down roughly 14 percent from 2014, when the total was 489,000.
It's a way to discover nucleic acid modifications that you didn't know existed," says Peter Dedon, the Underwood-Prescott Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT.
Nevertheless, the fluctuation of driven wheel is greater than two types of modifications, which means the transmission error is greater.
Ahmad Bahrozyan, executive director of the RTA Licensing Agency, told 7DAYS: "We are considering a very important project in 2015 which will take us into the classification and certification of garages in Dubai, including garages that conduct vehicle modifications.
They explain that if these modifications are adopted, citizens will have to pay a price every year instead of only once as is the case now.
In the Home Affordable Modification Program servicer report, for the month of May, Bank of America had 142,824 active trial modifications in progress.
Modification kits built principally in Maryland will be installed on 67 bombers at bases in Texas, South Dakota and Oklahoma, and the upgraded aircraft will be tested at Edwards Air Force Base.
3) Will there be material modifications to the existing contract terms and conditions?
Advances in MS techniques for proteome analysis have made this tool an excellent choice for the identification and quantification of proteins and post-translational modification of proteins, with a high level of specificity and sensitivity.
There are a variety of teaching strategies and modifications that are recommended for all children, but are absolutely critical for those students with LD.
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