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MFESModified Falls Efficacy Scale (questionnaire)
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The Modified Falls Efficacy Scale (MFES), Fall Prevention Survey (FPS), and several items that assessed personal self-efficacy to reduce fall risk were also obtained prior to the first session of the program.
Falls efficacy was measured using the Modified Falls Efficacy Scale (MFES), a 14-item self-report scale measuring confidence in one's ability to avoid falling during the performance of activities of daily living (ADL) (Tinetti, Richman, & Powell, 1990).
We measured falls-related self-efficacy with the 14-item Modified Falls Efficacy Scale (MFES) [28,29], which probes confidence in undertaking various activities without falling (e.g., getting dressed, taking a bath) on a scale of 0 (not confident at all) to 10 (completely confident).
At the first assessment the independent assessor gained written informed consent, administered the Mini Mental State Examination (Folstein et al 1975), the Modified Falls Efficacy Scale (Hill et al 1996) and completed the timed up and go test (Podsiadlo & Richardson 1991), the 30s chair stand test (Jones et al 1999), the step test (Hill et al 1996) and a gait velocity test (Bohannon 1986).
The primary outcome was the step test with secondary outcomes being the 30 second chair stand test, the timed up and go test, gait velocity and the Modified Falls Efficacy Scale.
The Modified Falls Efficacy Scale (MFES) was used to measure the change in participants' confidence in completing daily activities without falling; this test has high internal consistency and high retest reliability value (ICC = 0.95) (Hill, Schwarz et al 1996).
The Modified Falls Efficacy Scale (MFES) is a 14 item rating scale used to assess confidence in performing ADLs without falling [17].
We conducted this study to quantify the fear of falling (measured by the Modified Falls Efficacy Scale) in ambulatory persons with paraplegia in correlation with their postural control (measured by a force platform).
Abbreviations: ADL = activity of daily living, AIS = American Spinal Injury Association Impairment Scale, COP = center of pressure, FOF = fear of falling, KAFO = knee-ankle-foot orthosis, L = lumbar, MFES = Modified Falls Efficacy Scale, SCI = spinal cord injury, T = thoracic.
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