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MWPCMassachusetts Women's Political Caucus
MWPCMulti-Wire Proportional Chamber (physics)
MWPCModified Whey Protein Concentrate (food product)
MWPCMulti Wheel Pastry Cutter (baking)
MWPCMarcus Whitman Presbyterian Church (Des Moines, WA)
MWPCMember of the Institute of Water Pollution Control (UK)
MWPCMine Warfare Planning Chart
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Hiprotal 60MP is a modified whey protein concentrate that is an ideal fat substitute.
Modified whey protein concentrate is an important functional ingredient that has a wide range of applications in food products.
2% protein content were fortified with 5% of modified whey protein concentrate.
The investigators studied the effect of storage and the impact of modified whey protein concentrate on the textural parameters of frozen dough.
The textural values of the frozen doughs were affected significantly by the addition of modified whey protein concentrate.
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