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MFSMajor Facilitator Superfamily
MFSMobile Financial Services
MFSMade from Scratch (various locations)
MFSMinisterium für Staatssicherheit (former East German Security Ministry)
MFSModern Fiction Studies (Purdue University)
MFSMinistry for State Security (Germany)
MFSMultivolume File System
MFSMaximum Flange Shield
MFSMedia File Server
MFSMigrating File System
MFSMulti Function Switch
MFSMosix File System
MFSMcafee Framework Service
MFSMobile File Synchronization
MFSMultilayered Film Substrate
MFSMulti Function System
MFSMulticast Fast Switching
MFSMulti File Set
MFSMultilayer Fabric Switch
MFSMedia File System
MFSModified Filing System
MFSMemory File System
MFSMarried Filing Separately
MFSMicrosoft Flight Simulator
MFSMultifunction Switch (US DoD)
MFSMaryknoll Fathers School (Hong Kong)
MFSMarfan Syndrome
MFSMaine Forest Service
MFSMassachusetts Financial Services Company
MFSMemory Foam System (Lowa boot-shafts)
MFSMacintosh File System
MFSMaxillofacial Surgery (dentistry)
MFSMetropolitan Fire Service (AU)
MFSMemory File System (OpenBSD)
MFSMetropolitan Fiber Systems (WorldCom)
MFSMonadnock Family Services
MFSMortgage Field Service
MFSMaximum Flooding Surface (geology)
MFSMonthly Financial Statement (various organizations)
MFSMediterranean Forecasting System
MFSMulti-Function Security (software)
MFSMessage Format Service
MFSMaximum Frame Size (RFID firmware command)
MFSMonetary and Financial Statistics
MFSManned Flight Simulator (US Navy man-in-the-loop simulation facility)
MFSMagnetic Tape Field Search
MFSMulti-Function Spoiler (aviation)
MFSMad Fabricators Society (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
MFSMulti-Frequency Signaling
MFSManaged Firewall Services (secure internal networks)
MFSMarketing and Financial Services (Minneapolis, MN)
MFSMichael Franti and Spearhead (band)
MFSMobile File Sync (IBM)
MFSMaterial Flow System
MFSModified Food Starch
MFSMountain Farming Systems
MFSMelamine Formaldehyde Sulfonate
MFSMucus Fishing Syndrome
MFSModified Fused Silica (semiconductors)
MFSMaximum Fuse Size (electrical engineering)
MFSMiddle Finger Salute
MFSMinix from Scratch
MFSMannix Freight Services (Canada)
MFSModel-Based Frame Scheduling
MFSMulti Fuel System
MFSMetropolitan Fiber System
MFSModular Fuel System (US Army)
MFSManager of Financial Services
MFSMulti-Functional Structure
MFSMolecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy
MFSMultiphase Flow Separators
MFSMacomb Family Services
MFSMultiple Funding Solutions, Inc.
MFSMemories from Scrap
MFSMissile Firing Station
MFSMean Field Strength
MFSMonthly Financial Submission
MFSMaster Fitness Specialist (certification)
MFSMicrofilarias (dog heartworm)
MFSMaquis Forces Ship (Maquis Forces International; Star Trek)
MFSMarathon Finishing Systems
MFSMoonfire Spam (gaming, World of Warcraft)
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- Completing a 30 percent expansion of its modified food starch capacity and further improving its corn wet milling capacity in China.
Including salt in the bicarbonate formulation improved the water-holding capacity of the meat more than did both the modified food starch and potato starch.
There's the processed cheese in the White Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Bacon, the maple-less "syrup" (mostly com symp, water, and sugar with caramel color and natural and artificial flavor) in the Chicken & Waffles, and the "tender Angus beef" (mostly beef and water with modified food starch, sodium phosphate, and caramel color) in the Angus Beef with Cornbread.
One of the new stabilizers is TIC Pretested[R] Dairyblend YG FB 3, comprised of a unique blend of hydrocolloids and modified food starch. The gum blend provides four grams of fibre per serving, while allowing for a creamy, heavy-set body preferred by yogurt manufacturers and their consumers.
"I can make a roux that has the stability a modified food starch provides.
Nature's Goodness cereal contains such vitamins and minerals as iron, zinc, calcium, and folate, while the line's jarred food for every developmental stage has no artificial flavors or colors, no modified food starch, and no preservatives.
Scientists at PHD Technologies evaluated the quality characteristics of smoked sausage by utilizing stabilized rice bran to replace modified food starch or meat.
Make that "cheese sauce mix" (made of, among other things, water, whey, modified food starch, and a "cheddar cheese blend" of whey, maltodextrin, reduced lactose whey, canola oil, and--finally!--cheddar and blue cheese) combined with a "cheese blend" (mozzarella plus "mozzarella cheese substitute"--mostly water, oil, and cheese solids).
They said it was a beautiful gumbo, but they couldn't make roux; they'd have to add a modified food starch and color it brown with a gravy agent.
The gums used included: xanthum gum; modified food starch with agar pectin; carrageenan; locust bean; a combination of carrageenan, maltodextrin and dextrose; guar gum; and modified food starch containing carrageenan, locust bean, and a combination of carrageenan, maltodextrin and dextrose.
The 8 grams of fiber in each muffin come largely from four added powders: modified food starch (see "Smart Scare"), polydextrose (see "Skinny How?"), soy fiber, and sugarcane fiber.
Z Trim's use level of 1.75% makes it a cost-effective alternative to using 4% to 5% of modified food starch, according to company researchers.
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