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MERMars Exploration Rover (NASA)
MERMercredi (French: Wednesday)
MERModulation Error Ratio (digital communications)
MERMerrill Lynch (stock symbol)
MERMercoledì (Italian: Wednesday)
MERMonthly Energy Review
MERManagement Expense Ratio
MERMaputo Elephant Reserve (Mozambique)
MERMedical Evidence of Record (US SSA)
MERMutual Evaluation Report (various locations)
MERMiddle East Report
MERMinimum Error Rate
MERModule Error
MERMobile Equipment Event Reporting
MERMobile Edge Router
MERMean Explicit Rate
MERMultichassis Ethernet Router
MERManagement Economie en Recht (Dutch)
MERMinistry of Education and Research
MERMarketing and External Relations (various locations)
MERMedical Examiner's Report (insurance)
MERMiddle East Region (Society of Petroleum Engineers)
MERMid-East Realities
MERManaging Electronic Records
MERMedical Education and Research (exam)
MERMain Equipment Room (various organizations)
MERMedical Education Resources (Littleton, Colorado)
MERMarket Exchange Rate
MERMedicaid Estate Recovery (est. 1995)
MERMedication Errors Reporting (healthcare)
MERCastle Airport
MERMinimum Equipment Requirements (sailing races)
MERManagement Evaluation Report
MERMaterials and Electrochemical Research (Tucson, Arizona)
MERMission Evaluation Room
MERMultiple Ejector Rack
MERMAC Encapsulated Routing
MERMuseum Education Roundtable (Washington, DC)
MERMedia Efficiency Ratio (advertising)
MERMaximum Efficient Rate
MERManagement-Employee Relations (USACE)
MERMentoring and Coaching
MERMethylenetetrahydromethanopterin Reductase
MERMaximum Effective Range
MERMechanical Equipment Room
MERMonthly Economic Review
MERMarketing Education Review (journal)
MERMarketing Expense Ratio (finance)
MERMathematics and Education Reform
MERManpower Estimate Report
MERMajor Expenditure Request
MERMessage Error Rate
MERMelamine Ether Resins
MERMarine Environmental Response (US Coast Guard Marine Safety Office)
MERMinimum Energy Requirements
MERMonitoring, Evaluation and Research
MERMain Engine Room
MERManagement and Employment Relations
MERMouvement Européen de La Ruralité (French: European Countryside Movement)
MERMaximum Error Rate
MERMedical Expense Reimbursement
MERMental Health: Evidence and Research Team (WHO)
MERMcDaniel Executive Recruiters
MERMinimum Educational Requirement
MERMileu-Effect Rapportage
MERMiscellaneous Expense Report
MERMinimum Essential Requirement
MERMaintenance Evaluation Report
MERMission Essential Requirement
MERMinimum Energy Route
MERManpower Estimate Relationship
MERMITEC Early Release
MERMerchant Shipping Control Plan (US Navy)
MERMulti-Echelon Reporting
MERMarriage Enrichment Requirement (Marine Corps chaplains)
MERMaritime Environmental Response
MERMitigated Emergency Receiver
MERMinor Element Ratio
MERMaterials Examination Report
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These transmitters, along with the expanded low-power range, including cutting-edge echo cancellation and optimized modulation error ratio (MER) technologies that far outperform competitive solutions.
Thanks to its low inherent error, it is ideal for measuring the modulation error ratio (MER).
The IQDBT105 features a web-based SNMP interface for monitoring and control which is ideal for use at unmanned transmitter sites such as rebroadcast and gap-filler sites, and provide monitoring of parameters including MER (Modulation Error Ratio) and LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) error correction status.
The enhanced product enables cable operators to measure a wide variety of indicators across all QAM carriers, including pre- and post-Forward Error Correction (FEC) Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) and Bit Error Rate (BER), as well as Modulation Error Ratio (MER).
In addition to EVM and the related overall metrics of Rho, relative constellation error (RCE), and modulation error ratio (MER), there are a number of other measurements that can be used for troubleshooting tools.
The toolkit also delivers key modulation measurements such as error vector magnitude and modulation error ratio. The Spectral Measurements Toolkit 2.0 features tools for spectrum analysis and analog modulation functions.
The R&S THU9evo delivers an efficiency of more than 41 AC to RF, including all components, and with MER (modulation error ratio) greater than 44dB and shoulder attenuation over 50dB.
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