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MOCMaintenance of Certification
MOCMars Orbiter Camera
MOCMoscow (Amtrak station code; Moscow, ID)
MOCMeans of Communication
MOCMicrosoft Official Curriculum
MOCMurphy Oil Corporation (various locations)
MOCMarket On Close (commodity trading term)
MOCMinistry of Commerce (Cambodia)
MOCMy Own Creation (Lego)
MOCManagement Of Change
MOCMeridional Overturning Circulation
MOCMaster of Code (software development; various locations)
MOCMaximum Oxygen Consumption
MOCMaritime Operations Center
MOCMemorandum of Collaboration (various organizations)
MOCMicrosoft Office Communicator
MOCMinistry Of Communication
MOCMinistry of Construction
MOCMinistry of Culture
MOCMother of Child
MOCMount Olive College
MOCMint Original Condition (product description)
MOCMeta Object Compiler
MOCMicrosoft Official Courses
MOCManaged Object Class
MOCMaster Operational Controller
MOCMasculine of Center (gender identity)
MOCMeta Object Compiler (code generator)
MOCMission Operations Center
MOCMusic On Console (console audio player for Linux/UNIX)
MOCMint On Card
MOCMember of Congress
MOCModels of Computation
MOCMedical Officer of the Commonwealth (Australia)
MOCMise en Oeuvre Conjointe (French: Joint Implementation; Kyoto Protocol)
MOCMiracle of Capital (various locations)
MOCMouvement Ouvrier Chrétien (French: Christian Workers Movement; Belgium)
MOCMaster of Ceremonies
MOCMars Observer Camera
MOCMaterials of Construction
MOCModel of Care
MOCManagement Oversight Committee (various organizations)
MOCMéthode Ouverte de Coordination (French: Open Method of Coordination; EU)
MOCMontenegrin Orthodox Church
MOCMelody of China (music ensemble; San Francisco, CA)
MOCMultinational Oil Company
MOCMaintenance Operations Center
MOCMarriage of Convenience (personal ads)
MOCMunicipal Operations Center (Peoria, AZ)
MOCMatch on Card
MOCMedal of Commendation (Singapore Youth Award)
MOCMediterranean Offshore Conference and Exhibition
MOCMinistry of Coal (India)
MOCMetal One Corporation (Japan)
MOCMilitary Order of the Cootie (VFW)
MOCMassachusetts Oilheat Council
MOCMission Operations Computer (US NASA)
MOCMohican Outdoor Center (New Jersey)
MOCManaging Organizational Change
MOCMinimum Obstacle Clearance (aviation)
MOCMedia Operations Center
MOCMobile Operations Center
MOCMission Operations Control (Center)
MOCManaged Object Class(es)
MOCMember Organizing Committee (various organizations)
MOCManual of Official Controls (UK)
MOCMilitary Operations Command (Myanmar)
MOCMajor Oil Company
MOCMail-Order Company
MOCMeans of Compliance (aircraft)
MOCMedical Operations Center
MOCMERS Operations Center
MOCMobile Originated Call (Global System for Mobile Communication)
MOCMultiple On Capital
MOCMinimum Oxygen Concentration (for Combustion; Chemical Engineering)
MOCMCEITS (Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services) Operations Center
MOCMilitary Operations Center
MOCMaintenance Operational Check
MOCMarcos Owners Club (automobile club; UK)
MOCMiata Owners Club
MOCMystérieux Objets Célestes (French: mysterious celestial objects)
MOCMobile Office Card
MOCManagement and Operating Contractor
MOCMexican Olympic Committee
MOCMaterials of Concern
MOCManagement Operating Committee
MOCMopar Owners Club (automobile club; various locations)
MOCModel of Control
MOCMemorandum of Conference (meeting record)
MOCMission Operations Contract
MOCMILSTAR Operations Center
MOCMaterials Only Costing
MOCMaintenance, Operations and Construction
MOCMeteorological Operational Capability
MOCMethod Of Command
MOCMissile Operations Center
MOCMaintenance Operating Center
MOCMaster Ordnance Configuration
MOCModulus of Continuity
MOCMargin of Control (criticality)
MOCMilitary Occupational Career (Canadian Forces)
MOCMilitary Order of the Collar of St. Agatha of Paterno (UK)
MOCMission Observation Center
MOCMultiple Orthogonal Code(s)
MOCMaster Operational Computer
MOCMateriel Operations Center
MOCMetering Operations Center
MOCMerchandise Only Credit (retailing)
MOCMinimum Overtime Credit (on overtime forms)
MOCMission Operations Commander
MOCMission Operations Contractor
MOCMateriel Obligation Code
MOCMiddle of Curve (engineering)
MOCMaintenance on Call (technical working environment)
MOCMississippi Outdoor Club
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Let f [member of] [L.sup.p], 0 [less than or equal to] [beta] < 1 - 1 p and let a function of modulus of continuity type [omega] satisfy the conditions: for r [member of] N
An estimation of the rate of convergence can be obtained using the modulus of continuity for two dimensional real valued functions.
By using Lemma 3 case (ii) and the well-known properties of the modulus of continuity, we have
That is, the first -order modulus of smoothness of f is the same as modulus of continuity of f.
In this section, using weighted modulus of continuity, we study the rate of Abel convergence.
Unlike Part 1 where the "modulus of continuity method" will be used only in one step of the proof, Part 2 is completly based on the use of the "modulus of continuity method".
Because of linearity of [F.sub.n,m,a,b] properties of modulus of continuity, use Cauchy-Schwartz inequality and (4) , (11) we have
Here, the kth modulus of continuity ([3], p.76) is defined for f [member of] C(R) and [delta] [greater than ro equal to] 0 by
For this approximation we can give a rate of convergence, depending on the modulus of continuity of the density of the fixed-point, which is defined by
Again the inf in the tail term ensures that if f is a polynomial of degree [less than or equal to] r - 1, then the modulus of continuity vanishes identically, as is expected from an rth order modulus.
In this paper, firstly we study some approximation properties of the sequence of linear positive operators given by (5) in the space of continuous functions on compact set [[??].sub.AB] = [0, A] x [0, B] and find the order of this approximation using full and partial modulus of continuity. We finally investigate the convergence of the sequence of linear positive operators [L.sub.n,m], defined on a weighted space of functions of two variables, and find the rate of this convergence by means of weighted modulus of continuity.