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MODUSInternational Workshop on Mobile Device and Urban Sensing (est. 2008)
MODUSManufacturers of Domestic Unvented Systems (plumbing)
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We welcome Modus Group to Nasdaqs First North alternative market and we are delighted that after a successful offering the company has chosen to list its bonds on the Baltic First North bond market.
Modus is a pioneer in the vehicle telematics space with a DNA of mobile innovation, great customer experience, affordability and industry leading service, support and technological expertise.
After 30 years, Modus founder Diana Hall is leaving the business.
Through this alliance, Modus is joining the LexisNexis Telematics Exchange, which will allow insurance carriers who opt in to take advantage of data from the industry and OEMs.
The Modus Test Solution enables design engineers to reduce test time by up to 3X, bringing down production test costs and increasing silicon profit margins.
Perhaps those two heats were too big an ask for a relatively inexperienced runner and his holiday appeared to have done Modus the world of good when he pitched up at Ascot last month.
Following a two year evaluation and development programme, Modus has ordered the first in a planned fleet of Sabertooth vehicles from Saab which will be launched in the first quarter (Q1) 2016.
Eric Little, vice president, chief scientist, Modus Operandi.
Modus, which was established in 2008 by Jake Tompkins, provides services for offshore industries, including the engineering and management of equipment to sectors including renewable energy, oil and gas and defence.
Against a challenging North Sea oil industry landscape, Modus said it was confident of underlying performance having adjusted for a number of factors which impacted profitability.
The "best friend" modus is one of eight detailed in a flyer that the Manila Police District has published with security guidelines for the yuletide.