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MOGASMotor Gasoline
MOGASMobility Gasoline
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Based on current freight charges of Rs5.2 per liter (road transport), the dispatching of Mogas through pipeline will reduce the cost of petrol by up to Rs2 per liter, the company said of the project, a joint venture between PARCO (51pc share), Shell (26pc), PSO (12pc) and Total (11pc).
Airworthy Autogas meets the ASTM D-4814 standard that describes virtually all of the automotive fuel sold in the U.S, but it tightens up two critical specs that Lycoming lists in its SI 1070 bulletin approving a range of engines for mogas use.
In 2007, Energy Investors purchased 83.5% of Gateway Pipeline Company LLC and since 2008, the company was rebranded to MoGas.
We recently interviewed more than a dozen FBOs and flightschools to seek their opinions on installing two-fuel systems and we asked readers to tell us about their experiences with mogas as a second fuel.
But the increasing alcohol content in mogas, coupled with less-stringent quality control when compared to 100LL, makes it impossible to know exactly what you're getting.
Khairpur Alpine 24/05/19 Not Sched 57,000 Mogas Nill
Cielo Di Rottterdam Alpine 19/04/19 Not Sched 50,000 Mogas Nil
Pacific Rowan GAC 27/03/19 Not Sched 57,100 Mogas Nil
Hafnia Africa Alpine 18/03/19 Not Sched 50, 000 Mogas Nil
Glorious Alpine 12/03/19 Not Sched 45,000 Mogas Nil