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MOHLMinistry of Health and Labour (Somalia)
MOHLMuseum of Human Language
MOHLMichigan-Ontario Hockey League
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Mohl's prescient list of concerns foresaw the contemporary global process of urbanization and the beneficial lessons the American experience has to teach.
% Average SD Min Med TA RE 38 -- -- 27.97 13.59 8.00 25.00 TA LE 38 -- -- 26.99 18.83 10.00 23.34 NH RE -- 21 55.26 -- -- -- -- MIHL RE -- 9 23.68 -- -- -- -- MOHL RE -- 8 21.05 -- -- -- -- NH LE -- 21 55.26 -- -- -- -- MIHL LE -- 11 28.95 -- -- -- -- MOHL LE -- 6 15.79 -- -- -- -- Max TA 55.00 TA 55.00 NH -- MIHL -- MOHL -- NH -- MIHL -- MOHL -- Legend: TM=triton average; NH= normal hearing; MIHL=mild hearing loss; MOHL=moderate hearing loss; RE=right ear; RE=left ear; N= total sample number; FREQ=frequency; PERC=percentage; SD=standard deviation; Min= minimum; Med= median; Max= maximum.
Mohl, "Clowning Around: The Miami Ethiopian Clowns and Cultural Conflict in Black Baseball," Tequesta LXII (2002): 46; Neil Lanctot, Negro League Baseball: The Rise and Ruin of a Black Institution (Philadelphia: University of Penn Press, 2007), 108; and Alan J.
Mohl, Interstate Highway Politics and Policy since 1939 8 (3d ed.
and that fans of the opposing team cannot (Farrar, 2014; Mohl, 2007; Roberts, 2014).
Bill Mohl, the president of Entergy Wholesale Commodities, said economic factors, especially related to the natural gas market in the Northeast, were the primary reasons for the shutdown.
Mohl, co-founder of betahaus | berlin and Carlos Silva, COO of SEEDRS.
Another leading exponent of Township Art, as the movement came to be known, was Koenakeefe Mohl, who was born in 1903 and against all the odds, recorded much of Southern Africa's social change during the 20th century.
However, as early as 1949, city planners deemed these neighborhoods blighted and began destroying them as banks used redlining to block investment and state governments deployed the power of eminent domain to purchase homes and bulldoze highways through disinvested areas, while "slumlords, blockbusters, and real estate developers were busily at work facilitating the process of racial transition and profiting handsomely as well" (Mohl, 1996, p.
Kratky komentar k vybranym paragrafum teto casti trestniho zakoniku by byl jiste take na miste a mohl tvorit samostatnou kapitolu.
WITH: Cindy Bitney, David Crone, Jessica Mitchell, Lizzy Mohl, Judy Crone, Pat Managhan, Alexandra Grossi
The new president and CEO will succeed William Mohl.