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Caption: FIGURE 17: Vertical displacement of surrounding rock on different moisture content.
A high sensitive microwave measuring device of the moisture content in the non-polar dielectric liquids based on an inhomogeneous step coaxial resonator.
Currently, the NFA buys palay with moisture content of only up to 14 percent.
Reducing the moisture content and temperature during storage increases the longevity of seeds.
The test results suggest that by the increase in lime and wheat straw contents, there is increase in the optimum moisture content of the soil and decrease in the maximum dry density.
The samples had an air-dry density of 0.67 g/[cm.sup.3] and 16 percent initial moisture content and were 70 by 70 by 5 mm (length by width by thickness).
The sorption isotherms, which relate the hygroscopic equilibrium moisture content of a product with the relative humidity of the surrounding air (Costa et al., 2015) at constant temperature and pressure (Majd et al., 2013), are indispensable for defining the temperature and relative humidity of the air most suitable for storage (Chaves et al., 2015), as well as to determine the thermodynamic properties involved in the interaction between water and food components (Goneli et al., 2013), seeds and other agricultural products.
As reported earlier, moisture content has a considerable impact on LIBS results, decreasing the intensity of spectral lines of most elements [11].
The buffer stocking incentive will be given regardless of quality and moisture content of palay, she said.
'The buying price for wet palay is determined based on the agency's equivalent net weight factors for moisture content and purity levels.
A uniaxial compression tests were conducted on the three groups with different moisture contents before conducting the creep test to study the effect of moisture content on the mechanical properties of coal samples, as shown in Table 1.
Finally, the hardness and elasticity values of the crambe grains were determined as a function of moisture content, using the equation (F=d.x+e.