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MOLOManagement of Landfill Operations (Solid Waste Association of North America)
MOLOMideastern Ohio Library Organization (Louisville, OH)
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While confirming the incident, Molo OCPD Daniel Kamanza urged motorists to be cautious while driving on the road.
Three escaped towards Molo, through Kibunja Forest.
Molo explained that WTMU is considered as an appropriate step to get the help from enforcement agencies and attain its ultimate objective of abating illegal collection, hunting and trading of wildlife resources.
Molo pointed out that the visit of the Ethiopian public diplomacy delegation headed by, Abadula Gemeda, speaker of the Ethiopian House of Peoples' Representatives, has reflected the firmness of the of the popular, political, economic, cultural and social relations between the two countries , noting to Sudan's deeply rooted civilization.
Develop process design criteria for the ongoing Molo Full Feasibility Study, and
Molo Lamken LLP is a law firm focused exclusively on representing clients in complex litigation.
The 18 power plants are the 20 -megawatt (MW) Tanjung Pinang Power Plant, the 14 MW Tanah Grogot Power Plant, the 14 MW Ketapang Power Plant, the 11 MW Pangkalan Bun Power Plant, the 12 MW Lampung Tengah Power Plant, the 12 MW Tanjung Balai Karimun Power Plant, the 12 MW Kalianda Power Plant, the 50 MW Pontianak Power Plant, the 200 MW Jenepono Power Plant, the 12 MW Gorontalo Power Plant, the 11 MW Tembilahan Power Plant, the 11 MW Rengat Power Plant, the 200 MW Kuala Tanjung Power Plant, the 20 Molo Tabu Power Plant, the 10 MW Manippi Power Plant, the 55 MW Kaltim Power Plant, the 200 MW Banjarsari Power Plant and the 225 MW Keban Agung Power Plant.
A truck crashed near the town of Molo on Saturday, spilling oil that burst into flames as hundreds of locals crowded round in search of free fuel.
At least 111 people, many of them having crowded around the vehicle to collect spilled fuel, died in the blaze in the central Kenyan town of Molo, officials said on Sunday.
Hospitals near the scene of the incident in Molo were packed with victims, including small children, suffering from horrific burns.
Hospitals near the town of Molo were struggling yesterday to cope with the number of people injured in the blast on Saturday night.
Jim Hooper, who works with Brecon-based Christian missions organisation International Teams, discovered that the Welsh community was home to many people with the knowledge necessary to make a difference in the town of Molo.