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A molten carbonate fuel cell (provided by FuelCell Energy Inc.) converts the biogas into electricity through a series of reactions.
One company currently trying to garner attention from military energy planners says that molten carbonate fuel cells could produce enough electricity at highly efficient rates and with low emissions, which would make them suitable for powering military bases in remote locations.
"Ansaldo's Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell stack is very advantageous to military ships," said Giovanni Vespasiani, CEO of Ansaldo Fuel Cells.
Molten carbonate fuel cell stacks routinely weigh in at 250 kilowatts.
It is currently in Phase II, which includes testing of a molten carbonate fuel cell and a PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) unit.
By technology, the market segments into Molten Carbonate Fuel cell (MCFC), Solid Oxide Fuel cell (SOFC), Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), Alkaline Fuel Cell (AFC), and others.
He then presents separate chapters on the major types of fuel cells; the alkaline fuel cell, phosphoric acid fuel cell, proton exchange membrane fuel cell, molten carbonate fuel cell, solid oxide fuel cell, and direct methanol fuel cell.
LOGANEnergy Corporation recently announced the availability of a new independent commercial product catalogue that features fuel cell products with capacities ranging from five kilowatts to two megawatts, including proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFCs) and molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFCs) manufactured by Plug Power, Inc., UTC Power and FuelCell Energy Corporation.