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MONAMoths of North America
MONAMuug Online Network Access
MONAMuseum of Nebraska Art
MONAMissouri Nurses Association
MONAMobile Navigator (Rand McNally)
MONAModular Navigation and Reconnaissance System
MONAMorphine, Oxygen, Nitroglycerin, Aspirin (medication)
MONAMulticentric Osteolysis, Nodulosis, and Arthropathy
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In the study, the researchers asked 42 people to judge which of six basic emotions were expressed by two altered images of Mona Lisa's smile - one mirror image of the left side, and one of the right side.
At first, Mona thought this was another intimidation tactic, but what she heard shook her badly.
Mona J looking absolutely stunning in an emerald green outfit, with makeup and styling done by none other than herself, taking the stage to educate the ladies about beauty and self-grooming also
The retired theatre actor and musician said: "Mona's eyesight is deteriorating and she won't be able to do her make-up in the future so I thought the quicker I learnt the better.
Azra acts totally insane when Mona tries to talk to her and terrifies her by her behavior.
It did not stop there, Mona went to add that "You [Egyptians] deserve what Sisi is doing to you, I hope God sends you someone more oppressive than Sisi."
trailblazer Mona was head of Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
Davenport plays Mona's political lobbyist husband Guy, and it's clear the pair have a loving relationship.
That woman was Lisa Gherardini, the real Mona Lisa.
For the first time on our traditional Christmas trip to Baguio with Mona, I decided to leave kasambahay Lani home.